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Ed Butzin

Telephone: 561.254.1774
Mobile Phone Number: 561.254.1774

Information: Ed is the president and founder of Wolverine Ventures, Inc. He has been in the engineering software business since 1987. After receiving his BSE in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan he began his professional career as a R&D engineer at Chrysler Corporation doing advanced engine development. He then moved to Pratt & Whitney (PW) in Florida and worked as a Test Engineer on J58/SR71 engine development. The last 14 years at PW Ed was a Model and Simulation System Support Analyst for PW's proprietary modeling system and he was a member of the PW team assisting NASA on the development of NPSS. In 2001 Ed left PW to form WVI so he could pursue providing NPSS support and services to NASA. When NASA transferred NPSS to a Consortium of Industry Partners in 2008 Ed assumed responsibility for the continued development and support of NPSS and diversified so as to include providing customized system modeling and NPSS training.