Wolverine Ventures, Inc. (WVI) is an engineering software firm with a combined 40+ years of specialized expertise in customized NPSS™ modeling for all types of complex systems. WVI has been in the business of supporting NPSS™ since 2001. Our corporate headquarters are located in Jupiter, Florida with branch offices in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

WVI can create almost any complex system in a virtual environment through our use of NPSS™, the most powerful, state of the art, modeling software available. As the only licensed code maintenance provider for the NPSS™ Consortium and exclusive distributor of NPSS™, WVI offers an unparalleled resource for custom modeling and coding. Our expansive range of capabilities and extensive experience in NPSS™ modeling has enabled us to build models of gas turbine engines, high speed aircraft thermal management systems, industrial power turbines, and engine controls for several large aerospace and energy companies. WVI is currently developing new and exciting models for applications like preliminary aircraft design frameworks and concentrated solar power generation systems. We are committed to increasing our services and capabilities to meet the emerging needs of our customers in a myriad of diverse and unique industries. 



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